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The Largest Limo In The World

The Midnight River is the largest limousine in the world. It is owned by a company, based in Southern California, and it travels anywhere in the USA.

Amazing Animal Pictures

Great collection of animals photos.

Cool Luxurious Vacation On Himalayas

Shakti 360 Leti is a stunning place located deep within the Indian Himalayas. It consists of four luxury cabins at 8,000 feet (2200 meters). It is the perfect place for relaxation and full isolation. To get here, you need to drive for 3.5 hours through some of the world’s most beautiful mountains and then walk for 1.5 hours through amazing scenery. The luxury lodge is located close to where Nepal, Tibet and India meet.

The Most Dangerous Roads In The World

During a recent three-part series on BBC2, World’s Most Dangerous Roads, six celebrities embarked on three terrifying car journeys, in Peru, Nepal and Alaska.

Perfect Exploring Transforming Caravan

This camping caravan is perfect for travelers who love to explore land and sea. It’s flexible and it easily transforms according to your needs.